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With Utah’s aggressive .05 limit, more people are at a higher risk of getting a DUI and losing their license. It is important to contact an attorney immediately because you only have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV to contest the suspension of your drivers license. Contact us to review your case today.

Violent and Domestic Violence Crimes

From misdemeanor criminal mischief to aggravated kidnapping, these crimes can have far reaching effects on your livelihood and freedom. Whether it’s intensive pretrial investigations, motions, or experts, every incident that results in a violent/DV charge is unique and may call for a different approach and strategy. Contact us to review your case today.

Drug Related Crimes

Although marijuana should be legal in Utah, it is not. The consequences of having a drug related charge in one’s background can be dire, so it is important to have attorneys that understand your 4th Amendment Constitutional rights against an unlawful search and seizure. Contact us to review your case today.

Theft Related Crimes

Theft related crimes are enhanceable, meaning with each conviction comes the possibility of a higher-degree of charge and a steeper sentence. Thus, it is imperative to have a resolution that mitigates the possibility of enhancement. Contact us to review your case today.

Sex Crimes

Just being charged with a sexually related crime can be devastating to one’s life. We understand the complexities and sensitive nature of such a charge. Investigation and preparation are paramount in building a good defense against these types of accusations. Contact us to review your case today.

Fraud/White Collar Crimes

These cases require a detail-oriented patient approach to meticulously dissect the evidence and prepare a defense. Fowler Venable Law has experience litigating these complicated and convoluted cases. Contact us to review your case today.


Having a constant reminder of a past mistake can be haunting and the expungement process can be confusing and lengthy. With a court ordered expungement, it’s like starting over with a clean slate. Contact us to review your case today.

402 Reductions

Getting a successful reduction on a charge can significantly alter a person’s criminal background, which can lead to better jobs and opportunities. We are well versed in the litigation process surrounding Utah State Code § 76-3-402. Contact us to review your case today.


The Defense You Deserve

There are a multitude of issues in every case from unlawful search and seizure to the destruction of evidence. Fowler Venable Law will ensure that your Constitutional rights are protected, and your voice is heard. A good defense for any case requires knowing the different tools and strategies available, but the most important tool is the ability of your attorney to accurately and persuasively illustrate your story to the jury. Cliff Venable and Amy Fowler have built their reputations on being charismatic, persuasive, and dynamic in trial. Contact us by calling (385) 482–0620 or filling out our online contact form to review your case today.